📓 photoNotes

Why photoNotes?

Inspired by a photo (The summit of Mt Everest, peeking out …), and a post about a photo (The Story Behind the Mt Everest Photograph), by David Johnson, I wondered if I could try the same?

Tell the story behind some of the photos I’ve taken over the years, that is, not go and visit Mt Everest!

Most of them have no story at all, nothing more than “something caught my eye, while I was walking”. Others, only a few, might have a tale, an anecdote, attached to them. Maybe even other photos are part of that story.

Let’s find out?

Why “Boo!”, you wonder? Why not, I ask? Truth is I had the blog going already, it’s a Ghost blog, everything was set up… I suppose I’m just being lazy.

Or, maybe, since these are trips down the proverbial memory lane, we are in fact visiting ghosts from a life past?